IMG_1966 2 My name is Michael Peterson aka The Treasure Gnome, I have been reselling on eBay since 2008 as a hobby and started it as a Side Hustle in 2012.  I ended up finding my niche in selling clothing because it is everywhere! I then scoured the internet and YouTube for the best brands and processes out there for creating a business on eBay and after moulding many of them together, along with adding my own style to some of them and some technology. I then developed  a streamline process for sourcing, selling and shipping clothing on eBay. I then started this website in 2016 to track my progress during my last month full time while managing a Hilton hotel 60 hours per week along with putting in 15 hours a week on my eBay business, and have been recording my journey ever since. In May of 2016, I left my career with a steady paycheck to sell full time on eBay.  My current goal is to provide the best information to others getting started with eBay along with helping established sellers looking to gain an edge by improving their process. My main reason for making this decision was freedom of having to make the choices of when and where I worked as well as controlling the amount of income I am able to make. My main goal is to live a healthier and more fulfilling active life. I hope everyone enjoys my journey as much as I am so far!