How to Start a Print on Demand T-Shirt Business on Shopify

Shopify Quick Setup Tutorial


Step 1:

Pick your store name and check for the to see if the url is available for a domain first!
You can check here you want the url to be closely related to you niche for example if you are doing a bike store it should be for example.


Step 2:

Sign up for the Shopify Free Trial Here

You will not be charged until you upgrade to the Basic Plan and you can get the full store up and get the feel for it before you pay.


Step 3:

Customize theme to your suiting… The main parts here are creating a logo and graphic for the slide show.

You can stick with the Debut theme to start as it works very clean and is easy to setup.


Created all of your logos and artwork for free using

Optimal Thumbnail Logo Size is: 300×300 pixels

Optimal Splash Hero Size: 1200×800 pixels


Step 4:


Applications are one of the greatest things about Shopify as there is always new stuff hitting the marketplace and they are being developed by other sellers looking for tools that help their shopify stores.


The app store also has a great review system that links backs to the stores using the applications which is helpful to see what kind of stores they are running.


What applications I suggest & why:


Free Persistent Cart App

Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails


These two function together for the most part, persistant cart keep the customers order as they left it in the cart after they leave your site, if they return it is there waiting for them ready to be checked out!


Abandoned Cart is very important to convert the customers who reached checkout and either got distracted or forgot about the order, many time this can bring that customer back for the sale and you can send multiple emails along with coupon codes to try to lure them in.




This is a free popup builder that will help you build your email list of customers. There are two reasons I use this app, it is FREE & it syncs with multiple list systems.




This will be the what is used to fulfill the majority of the T-shirt and apparel orders they have great prices and no subscription fees. I have been using them for a few months now and they have been delivering great quality to my customers.



Printful offers some products that Teelaunch does not and also offers hat embroidery with mock ups which I feel is a game changer! I use these for one offs and where I need them as they are a bit more expensive however the quality and customer service is top notch!

Step 5:





Step 6:
Setting Up Collections

Menu Optimization

Sales Channels

Settings including Shipping, Payment, & Returns


Step 7:



Pinterest Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook Groups

Google Shopping Ads

Bing Ads

Content Marketing



MileIQ Review: How to Save Hundreds on Your Taxes By Tracking Business Miles

You may have heard of Mile IQ and tracking mileage before but here is an question that I have heard around the reselling community and by some of the other re-sellers out there, “how do you write off mile’s  for business?”  When I first started my business I thought about how I would keep track of all of my miles, costs of repairs and receipts for my car in a way that if i do get audited I would still be able to show the proper documentation tax wise. I also knew that I needed to keep track of it because it would save me a ton of money come tax season. When I did some research I came across a few methods but then I came across MileIQ and never looked back. All I had to do was install the app and GO. You get 100 free drives a month and it tracks them automatically you don’t even need to open the app, all that was required was to go into the app once a month and classify you drives to business or personal and you can export them and send them right to your accountant.

Click here to Check out Mile IQ for Free!


Here is a quick overview below but I highly recommend this when it comes time for taxes!

My First Week on Merch by Amazon

So my I will be doing a series of posts on my first week doing designing shirts and selling them on Merch by Amazon. I have posted some videos on my YouTube channel explaining the program and will continue to give some weekly updates on the progress as well as recap the monthly earning each month as I go. I currently have 25/25 allowable designs up as that is what I am allocated until I reach 25 sales. At the time of writing this post I have made a total of 9 sales.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the video and please like and subscribe to my youtube channel if you would like to see future updates on my Merch by Amazon journey.