Merch By Amazon Sales October Income Report

Merch By Amazon Sales October Income Report

October was a great month for me on Merch by amazon! I wanted to quickly share a video that I have recently posted on the my YouTube channel where I outline the numbers quickly below.

There are lots of changes going on in the program right now and they are still going through growing pains as they are having problems with capacity and software bugs. They have however been very attentive and have also started banning multiple accounts. This is most likely a good thing however all we as users of the platform see are posts on forums so we don’t know what they are actually getting banned for which is a little bit worrisome as they are constantly changing their policy’s.

If you are looking to learn more about the Merch by amazon program check out my YouTube channel here!

I am also always working on adding more helpful content on this site so be sure to check the menu above and scroll though some of my other pages where I show some of the tools I use for Merch by Amazon on a daily basis along with my full monthly income reports which goes though my journey of selling and creating an online business that allows me to be location independent!

Thank you so much for reading and watching my journey with Merch by Amazon and we will see you next time!


Merch by Amazon : Outsourcing Your Shirt Designs


If you are already part of Merch by Amazon or have the question where do I start or you have just been upgraded a tier up and you are looking to grow your portfolio of shirt designs quickly there are a couple of things you can do. If you have read The 4 Hour Work Week By Tim Ferriss you already know there are some things that will make you growth much easier and if you are trying to grow fast or are an inexperienced designer this can definitely be one of the options to go.


There are a few options I would recommend here when trying to outsource your designs for Merch by Amazon I have used them all and they all will give you different results and it is definitely a learning process when it comes to finding a designer that fits your bill.


Here are my personal recommendations for outsourcing you designs:


I like this site because it is great for introducing you to new designers and the interface is super simple to use. The designers are from all around the world and they are ranked by a rating system that allows you to choose a service based off of feedback and some designers work at a flat rate of $5.00 which is really hard to beat for a quality design. Fivver also has a very nice protection system and holds the money until the services rendered are complete by both parties and when you are satisfied with the order your funds will be released to the buyer. Simple as that.

I am currently offer a gig for simple typography designs for just $5.00 to help out people getting started, you can check it out here:

This site is similar to Fivver however it is definitely geared more towards creating long term business with freelancers from all over the world and you can really negotiate hourly rates for designs. Beware of some of the inexperienced sellers here and always make sure you same there work first before doing a long term or bulk deal. This site is not as user friendly and you have to post what you are looking for like an actual job description and be clear of you expectations, after doing this freelancers can then apply for the job and you negotiate price. It definitely is not as quick as Fivver but I can see the value if you find the right freelancer to work with and are willing to invest a few days testing different sellers.


Merch By Amazon Keyword Research Tools


I have had numerous questions the past weeks regarding Merch by Amazon. One of the most common questions I get has been the following  “how do you find and place keywords, in you listings?”.  Well there is no secret formula but there are definitely some different way that have worked and no one can really say which is best. I have sold shirts with 2 keywords and also have some with 10 that don’t sell at all. It really has to do with search traffic and competition. I really believe if a shirt sells after being found for a keyword search it will however rank higher for that keyword, so the real challenge is getting the first organic sale.
When I look for keyword I use the tool Keyword Tool Dominator it has a free trial and was only $19.99 for a one time purchase which I believe is the best deal out there. I really like this becuase it gives you great ideas for sub-niche keywords to use in your bullet point sentences and title so you can try to be found on smaller searches rather than the huge oversaturated keywords.

Click here to try Keyword Tool Dominator for free


Here a some example’s of some Merch by Amazon listings that use keywords in different ways to get sales. All of the images are clickable so you can go to the listing individually to further examine the keyword styles they are using. All of the shirts have a sales rank which is also important to note becuase they are all getting sales with slightly different usage of keywords.

merch-by-amazon screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-12-44-07-pm



Merch by Amazon: 3 Tips for Creating Designs that Sell


I have had a lot of people ask me about T-Shirt Design for Merch by Amazon since I started on the program and I remember when I first started learning the platform and learning how to design how intimidating getting onto one of these design software really was especially if you have little to no experience with any of the products. There are also so many question for a new seller with only 25 design slots to fill, you really get anxious when you have a design up and it is not selling. There are some ways to make you at least feel like you have done your due diligence and I will show you some of the best practices when it comes to selling on Merch by Amazon.


Merch by Amazon 3 Tips for Creating Designs that Sell:


  1. Niche Selection: This is number one for a reason, you need to be very honest with yourself and you keyword research when it comes to niche selections there are so many great niches out there that you can sell in and have thousands of sales a day but without paying to send traffic to them most likely it is going to be very hard for you to stand out from the other sellers that made it there before you.  Example you  create an upload a Funny Cat t-Shirt that is amazing, great now there are also 150,000 other cat shirts that show up in the results when you search it on Amazon. This is just too much competition to be noticed organically or you have to get super luck and get a sale from someone going through 100’s of pages of cat shirts on the site (chances are really damn slim of this). You would be much better of picking a niche like table professional tennis for example where there are only 100 shirts for sale where with the right keyword you may be able to end up on page one of the search results! Getting noticed in Amazon’s Search is KEY!
  2. Design Quality: This is another factor now this does not mean that it needs to be the most amazing graphic design ever done by an artist, I can assure you none of my designs are amazing they are all very simple and I try to connect with the buyer’s passion. Create something relatable that makes you niche buyer say this helps me express something, how i feel, personality, or something they are passionate about.
  3. Creating Something Original: Now this does not mean reinvent the wheel I find inspiration through others everyday in all sorts of ways. Steve Jobs once said “good artists copy, great artists steal” What he meant by that was not I’m going to take what you designed and sell it the see way, he meant that is a great idea i’m going to take that package it up in a different way than anyone else has seen and make it my own. Looking at Apple is a great example of this because their product is just like any other PC they just package it in their own unique way. Remember this example and you will always have fresh ideas flowing in!

For more info on the tools and programs I use in my business everyday check out  my resources page here

Merch by Amazon – Guide to Getting Started



Merch by Amazon is now of my primary income sources and I wanted to start to take some time to show everyone a few things about the program to help you decide if it is something you would like to get started with.  First things first Merch by Amazon is an Print on Demand service that Amazon launched in November 2015, at inception the purpose was to help phone application developers by providing a low cost way of creating fun T-Shirts for their fans. The program is invite only and eventually a few Internet Marketers got into the program and quickly realized the potential of the program for more than just t-shirts for applications by letting solo entrepreneurs and designers upload unique designs to be sold on the Amazon platform. This was a game changer because you are able to just upload a unique design file and it can be sold to anyone in the U.S. (presumably in the future world-wide) as well as through the Amazon Prime Marketplace.

See what I am making per month on Merch by Amazon on my Income Reports Here

To get started you need you need to head over to and register for a free account. This process can be a nerve wracking one for some now because there have been reports from others that this process can take anywhere from 2-4 months to be accepted into the program but I can assure you this is well worth the wait.


Once you are accepted there you are given a total of 25 slots to fill up with designs which would equal 25 unique T-shirts you can sell on Merch by Amazon. It then is a slow journey into creating quality designs that sell so you can slowly go through the tiers in the program.


Here is how the tier process works:

New Account = 25 Design’s Slots

25 Shirts Sold = 50 Design Slots

50 Shirts Sold = 100 Design Slots

100 Shirts Sold= 500 Design Slots

500 Shirts Sold = 1000 Design Slots

1000 Shirts Sold = 2000 Design Slots

2000 Shirts Sold = 4000 Design Slots

4000 Shirts Sold = 8000 Design Slots — My Account is Currently at this level

PRO REVIEWS for Additional Teir’s


Remember that selling T-shirts is a numbers game and the more you have up over time the greater your earning potential. Not all shirts sell however some shirts can turn out to be home runs! It took months for me to be at the level where I was able to realize the earning potential of Merch by Amazon and even when you have your first really good month you still have to wait until the following month to see the payout so patience really is a virtue when using this business model  but it will pay to be patient with Merch by Amazon every time.


If you are looking for what I use to create shirts daily for Merch by Amazon be sure to check my Resources Page here for more info

and check out some of my other blog posts.

My First Week on Merch by Amazon

So my I will be doing a series of posts on my first week doing designing shirts and selling them on Merch by Amazon. I have posted some videos on my YouTube channel explaining the program and will continue to give some weekly updates on the progress as well as recap the monthly earning each month as I go. I currently have 25/25 allowable designs up as that is what I am allocated until I reach 25 sales. At the time of writing this post I have made a total of 9 sales.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the video and please like and subscribe to my youtube channel if you would like to see future updates on my Merch by Amazon journey.