How to get more Pinterest Followers -Top 10 Tips

How to get more Pinterest  Followers my Top 10 Tips

How to get more Pinterest Followers?

This is a common question from others trying to promote a new brand or business is how do I get more Pinterest followers and reach a bigger audience? With millions of daily users Pinterest  has been a great medium for many businesses striving to reach a wider audience. In this article we will cover 10 easy tips to get more followers on Pinterest.


What is the end goal of more Pinterest Followers?

The more followers you have on Pinterest, the more engagement your pins will see. Engagement on Pinterest is known as a pin, repin, like, follow, or click.

More engagement will help drive more traffic to your site or product as well as conversions to sales!


Here are my Top 10 Tips:

#1 Use Tail Wind to Schedule Pins

If you look at my Income Reports Section you can see amazing the growth on my pinterest account has been. On average I am getting 1,000 new followers every month and some months more!

Tailwind has been the primary reason for this, it is freaking awesome and lets you plan pins for a full month in advantage and makes it easy for you to automate you pinning schedule. I am able to setup the whole months of my pins to whatever boards that I want in 1 hour. This honestly makes the rest of Pinterest pretty much effortless and just logging in the app to engage every once in awhile.

You can get a Free Trial  and after 100 pins it is only $15.00 per month, if you are really trying to free up time in your business and keep the traffic coming this is the equivalent of spending  50 cents per day to hire someone to manage your social media… WORTH IT.


Try Tail Wind for Free Here


#2  Comment on Pin’s

Take the time to leave interesting comments on popular pins in your niche. By doing this you increase your visibility to everyone who is seeing the pins. When others see the pin they see your comment and many times click your profile to snoop, when they see you are posting good content they also tend to give you a follow!

# 3 Mention popular users in your niche with your best content

This works much  like shout outs on twitter by forcing the use to at least give you a look when you post a good piece of content. A quick @Patflynn in your pin for example would be someone with a huge number of followers and if your lucky they share your content with their followers which can range from 50k to 100’s of thousands.

#4 Create a Best of Promotional Board

Create a Best of Board.

This board should include all of the best blog posts and pins that you have created yourself and that you want your audience to be able to easily find. Only pin each piece once and keep it neatly curated. You want this to be an easy to look at snapshot of your content in the hopes that there is something there that a majority of people who are in your niche would want to look at.


#5  Place your personal board’s at the top

See how I place the Best of the Treasure Gnome Board First, this is because I want people to notice that first when they view my profile to see your content!


This is one of the best ways to make sure your content is getting seen by the user that are really checking you out, they found you now lets get them to pin even more of our stuff!

#6  Get into Group Boards

Group boards give you a huge advantage in getting more followers on Pinterest.

If you are seriously asking yourself how to get more followers on Pinterest group boards will help you get in front of a much larger audience much faster for free. Some of these group boards have thousands of followers are not even following you yet so you are getting all of that exposure for free!

#7  Follow & Like Others

Follow & like content other content users that are in your niche post. Whenever you do this they are alerted on their account that there has been activity and it prompts them to look at what is happening, many times they will return the favor with a follow.


#8  Share is Caring

Sharing content is what social media is all about and usually on Pinterest user will return the favor on viewing your content if you took the time to share and view theirs. When you share a pin there are many other cool things that also happen.

When you share a pin, Pinterest shows you other pins and users that are related to the pin that you may want to follow or interact with. This makes it easy to continue sharing and finding good content after you find one pin you can go on a small sharing spree of relevant content. Pro tip, always click through to the content and make sure that you are not sharing a bad link with your followers, that gets very annoying and they will most likely stop following you.


#9 Use keywords in you descriptions

Always optimize your descriptions with a full sentence full of any keywords you are trying to target. Pinterest using there own search engine that uses a keyword based system by scanning the description and board titles. Doing this better will help you show up in the search results and recommenced pins sections.


#10 Enable Rich Pin’s

This is a must!

Pinterest has an easy to follow guide here on how to enable rich pins for your site:



Thanks for taking the time reading my post on how to get more Pinterest followers!

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