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How to properly measure a sport coat or blazer for selling on eBay


So I have seen a healthy amount of questions on periscope and You Tube lately regarding the exact process and way to measure a sport coat, so i thought what the hell I will do a quick post about it and try to help clear it up and put the information out there as a reference for others in the future. Really when I go to measure and list a sport coat, jacket or blazer the measuring is one of the more tedious tasks involved and not only because you have to take the measurements but you also have to record them in another location like a spreadsheet or a piece of paper so it can be used later in your eBay listing.

Cutting to the chase I will keep this short and sweet here are the main things to know when measuring a sport coat or blazer for eBay.

Have a good template and that is easy to read for your customer, If you do not have a template for your eBay listing I am sharing a free template with you right now. This is a link to a google drive doc that i use for ALL of my listings.


Measure to the spec in this picture and remember even if it sport coat or blazer does not have a size tag on it and it is a good brand, PICK IT UP because you will now know how to size it correctly.

Measure all of the items on the image shown and include them in every listing, this will help reduce questions from customers as well as reducing returns. Even if the jacket has a size tag remember it could have been tailored after the fact for a size change.

Here are the correct descriptions on the measurements for the listing and please note that i do not include measurement C for the waist however you could if you wish.

(B)Chest: 48” (From underarm seam across chest to underarm seam, then doubled)
*Your chest should measure 2″ smaller than chest size, not jacket size, for a good fit
(E)Sleeves: 32″ (Shoulder seam to tip of sleeve)
(D)Shoulder: 20″ (Shoulder seam across the back to shoulder seam)
(A)Length: 32″ (Bottom of collar down)
Closure: 3 Button
Sleeve : 3 Button
Vents: Single

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or input feel free to leave some comments below!

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