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Income Report December 2016 – Merch By Amazon, Shopify, Udemy, and More!

Monthly Income Report – December 2016

income report December 2016


Hello everyone!

These reports are becoming more and more important to me as it gives me a full day to reflect on how I am performing in different areas as I continue to grow and branch out online. I also get a chance to look at all the raw data. I also enjoy being able to share with all of you what is going on with business.

December was a very exciting month for me and I finally got a taste of fourth quarter in Online Retail and man was it Sweet!  I will some it up in the sections below on what actually happened but it was very interesting to say the least!

My Merch by Amazon and Shopify Store were on Autopilot this month which was so nice to see that I had all the systems in place to just let the traffic roll in and get holiday sales on the work I put in this summer.

My project for the month was getting my New Udemy Course for Instagram Marketing UP and Running which is now live and has been doing great so far! I will share these numbers starting January when the first check comes in (Udemy pays out 60 days after the sale is made, they have a very good refund system for the buyer)

Check out the course here

Now lets sum up the month:

  1. Merch by Amazon – Merch by Amazon was WILD this month, there were so many things happening throughout the month increased demand had impacted sales and overall revenue. Black Friday & Cyber Monday are where it is at! These two highly anticipated events really opened my eyes to the things that are possible with merch. Cyber monday we sold over 100 shirts in 24 hours setting a record! They has some serious problems keeping up in December as it really started to pick up. It seemed as if they were either running out of shirts to print on or simply could not keep up with demand but they slowly stopped most of the top selling shirts to help slow down the craze that they were having which affected about 30 of my designs… o well we still finished really well!


  1. Shopify Store – Had an amazing first real month with the shopify store finishing the month with 39 sales! I will show my dashboard from month to month so you can follow my progress and I will be showing more each month as I really start to perfect the process and get a solid customer base built. I can tell you the things that I am currently focusing the most on are the following:
    1. Building an email list
    2. Building an Instagram following
    3. Driving Traffic with facebook ads using the facebook pixel (this is the most difficult but I am getting better with it and when it works it feels really good to see the sales come in!)

My Current Number which I will update from month to month are as follows:

Facebook: 264
Instagram: 5107
Email List: 103


  1. eBay – Still on 10 day shipping and handling time not doing much right now however the income I bring in from this covers all of my office expenses and software which is awesome! I will be unloading 380 items when I  return from in March by running a huge sale to move as much of my inventory as possible so that should be fun to share as well!
  2. Instagram Course- Building my new course took up a majority of my month. After doing so much research on how to make it work for a business I acquired so much information on the topic that I decided to create another Udemy course to sell to other entrepreneurs and It really is kind of a test to see how the platform will work as an income source.
  3. Pinterest – has been a huge factor of getting noticed this I have been spending more time working on pins and writing new content for the blog and it is really paying off. You can read my Tops Tips on how to get more Pinterest followers and how I grew my account to over 6000 followers in 6 months here



eBay Gross Sales-  $470.44

Shipping Income- $105.21

Merch by Amazon– $4782.00  — This is paid out for the previous month.

Redbubble Shirt Sales: $24.03

Adsense-  $76.34

Amazon Affiliates– $5.97

Bluehost Affiliates: $65.00

Udemy: $0  (will report here next month)

Returns-  $115

Fiver-  $42.00 – Now Accepting Orders with Niche & Ideas

Shopify: $1618.33

Total=  $7044.82


Cost of Goods Purchased- $0     (Nothing Purchased in October!)

Advertising-   $61.91

eBay Fees- $88.36

Shipping Costs-$102.15

Paypal Fees- $77.78

Office Supplies-$51.49  (See what I use for supplies here!)

Shopify Expense(Fulfillment Fees): $1380.70


Net profit for the month of  December 2016 : $ 5282.43

Social Media Growth

The growth that I have being seeing across all social media accounts it simply amazing, it lets me know that the content I have been putting out there is helping others and that all of you want me to keep putting it out there and I really appreciate the support. Pinterest has been great for traffic and I know there are new people finding me everyday because of it and that is really awesome to hear there a people finding out about my YouTube channel from all of these different places.

Thank you so much to everyone who is following me !!!!!

Social Media Growth Update:

Email list: 364

Youtube:  2813

Facebook: 811

Pinterest: 8764  This is growing so fast!! Read about how I am growing my Pinterest Account by 1000 followers per month here!

Twitter:  424

Instagram:  1501

Periscope: 432

Thank you for taking the time to read my journey and follow me along the way. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below or find me over on Facebook!

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