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June 2016 – Monthly Income Report – Making Money Online


Report 2

Let me start off by saying how grateful I am to be writing this report this month. I had a really amazing month in sales and In life!
I feel so lucky to be able to have the tie and freedom to do what I love everyday and see the results coming in and paying off. This months numbers rocked!  I actually was sick with shingles for 2 weeks out of the month and did very little work however I was still able to do well because I had some inventory built up form the previous months, I kept expenses low, and Merch by Amazon is continuing to grow and is producing higher numbers every week!

Even though eBay input was limited I put efforts into other area’s of my business this month like Youtube, Social Media, and Merch on the digital side of the buisness and will continue to see that work pay off in the long run so I look forward to sharing the effects in the months to come.

I am running a GIVEAWAY this month to celebrate everyone who has been following me on the website and Youtube! If you have not already signed up go to this link for a chance to win. You have until July 15th to submit and entry.

The one thing that is growing slower than I expected is the website traffic, however it as only at month 3 so I will continue to add content and value and know that I will get more search results and new readers in the long term and hope that it Adds value to others lives and buisness.

Now, On to the statistics!
Traffic Report:


May 2016

Traffic and income report 2016

June 2016
Making money online traffic report income report



Ebay Gross Sales-  $3580.23

Shipping Income- $697.86

Merch by Amazon- $508.16  (+$301.00)  — This is paid out for the previous month.

Adsense-  $50.25  (+$7.96)

Amazon Affiliates- $10.92  (-$18.81)

Total=  $4,847.42  (+$1,172.68)


Cost of Goods Purchased- $565.00

eBay Fees- $417.90

Shipping Costs-$745.11

Paypal Fees- $162.94

Office Supplies-$34.88


Pinterest/Facebook Ads for Merch by Amazon- $144.25


Total profit for the month of June 2016 : $ 2,777.34  (+$2,332,63)

Social Media Growth

This is another area I have been working on growing across the board and have started to see some good growth in followers and really wanted to track this also to see how my strategies were working and to look back and see the growth I was gaining in each account in relation to the amount of effort or tactics I used in that month.

The month of June went very well for me in all areas including social media. As you can see there was some good growth on all accounts from the previous month. The largest growth was with Pinterest. I was able to focus on this and see a growth in over 1000 followers in 1 month! I have created a group board and that is really starting to pick up and I am seeing lots of Repins and Follows from that which is very nice to see. I am also on the Verge of reaching 1000 Youtube subscribers this month which is AMAZING and I am so thankful to everyone that has been following my journey so far and I look to reach at least 5000 subscribers by 2017.

Email list: 158

Youtube: 958

Facebook: 302

Pinterest: 1,200

Twitter: 207

Instagram: 102


Thank you for taking the time to read my journey and follow me along the way. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below or find me over on Facebook!

Until next time, Happy Hunting!


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  1. Marisol Bermudez

    How do you keep track of your numbers in terms of shipping supplies, shipping cost, fees and profits

    • mjpeters1987@gmail.com

      Hi Marisol, I use an application called go daddy bookkeeping

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