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Merch By Amazon Keyword Research Tools


I have had numerous questions the past weeks regarding Merch by Amazon. One of the most common questions I get has been the following  “how do you find and place keywords, in you listings?”.  Well there is no secret formula but there are definitely some different way that have worked and no one can really say which is best. I have sold shirts with 2 keywords and also have some with 10 that don’t sell at all. It really has to do with search traffic and competition. I really believe if a shirt sells after being found for a keyword search it will however rank higher for that keyword, so the real challenge is getting the first organic sale.
When I look for keyword I use the tool Keyword Tool Dominator it has a free trial and was only $19.99 for a one time purchase which I believe is the best deal out there. I really like this becuase it gives you great ideas for sub-niche keywords to use in your bullet point sentences and title so you can try to be found on smaller searches rather than the huge oversaturated keywords.

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Here a some example’s of some Merch by Amazon listings that use keywords in different ways to get sales. All of the images are clickable so you can go to the listing individually to further examine the keyword styles they are using. All of the shirts have a sales rank which is also important to note becuase they are all getting sales with slightly different usage of keywords.

merch-by-amazon screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-12-44-07-pm



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