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May 2016 – Monthly Income Report

So my numbers on paper are deceiving this month to say the least. There are two things that are very important to look at in this income report and remember that this was my first month selling Full-Time on eBay and that i had one thing on my mind, GROWTH.  I know that my buisness is scalable and that one of the biggest things that will help my buisness model in the next few months will be having a nice inventory of stock and bigger ticket items along with the normal monthly listings. For the month of May I added over 300 new items to my store and sourced over 400 items. The value of these items in my eBay store as of today is $18,000 and the amount that i actually spent on sourcing these items was a fraction of that cost as you will see below. If you looking at my Thrifting Travels Post you will see I came across a very good area to source and did not hold back, I was able to get all of those items up in one weeks time and now they will start bringing in money for my store. I will still be sourcing this month and my goal is to add at least 250 more items to my store in June however I should see much higher numbers based on the inventory I now have in stock over the previous months. On a positive note there was good growth in my eBay gross sales this month and as long as that number continues to grow quickly I know I am on the right track!

The second topic that I would like to shed more light on is the cost of the Pinterest Ad’s Versus the Pinterest Revenue. They do not look like they correlate in a good way but they really are doing what they are supposed to! The way Merch by Amazon pays is they pay for the previous month April at the End of May. So looking at the previous months income report will give you a better idea of what was paid to make the current months income. Merch is still growing for me and I know that this will grow slowly over time so I am going to continue my current strategy for a few more months and reevaluate then, however it is profitable right now so it will remain as one of my income streams. Also as I am posting this today my Merch by Amazon account was upgraded from 100 to 500 designs so it looks like I have a bunch of designs to get working on!

My blog traffic is also growing which is awesome to see! Thank you to everyone who has been checking out my posts. I am going to start adding the traffic reports also so you guys can get an idea of how the website is growing also. I really started to work on my Pinterest account this month building my boards and starting to pin some quality content to increase my followers and will continue to do that moving forward and I have seen an amazing boost in traffic from it which is awesome!

April 2016

traffic and income report 2016 2

May 2016

Traffic and income report 2016

Another thing that I added this month was some affiliate links and a tutorial for how to make a blog, these are not promoted posts, just informative pieces that  have put together to help others with certain subjects like this one here on  Starting a Blog, so that others who are thinking of starting a website/blog like this can easily set one up. If you do please reach out so I can follow it!


Ebay Gross Sales-  $2745.91

Shipping Income- $649.65

Merch by Amazon- $207.16  (+$201.19)  — This is paid out for the previous month.

Adsense-  $42.29  (+$6.15)

Amazon Affiliates- $29.73  (+$13.93)

Total=  $3674.74  (+$1127.06)


Cost of Goods Purchased- $1826.72

eBay Fees- $374.83

Shipping Costs-$571.35

Paypal Fees- $139.18

Office Supplies-$28.95


Pinterest Ads for Merch by Amazon- $287.75


Total income for the month of April 2016 : $ 444.71


Social Media Growth

This is another area I have been working on growing across the board and have started to see some good growth in followers and really wanted to track this also to see how my strategies were working and to look back and see the growth I was gaining in each account in relation to the amount of effort or tactics I used in that month.

I have just started an email list to keep in touch with my readers and anyone who has found interest in this blog and it will also allow me to give out news updates in the future when I run a contest or giveaway.

Email list: 21

Youtube: 524

Facebook: 244


Twitter: 79

Instagram: 66

Since this is my first month tracking this I will wait untill next month to comment any more on the social media side of things. I wanted to thank everyone again for reading and following my journey, It really gets me excited when I see a comment or a new subscriber knowing that I am helping others while sharing my journey.

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

Monthly Income Report May 2016

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