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Merch by Amazon – Guide to Getting Started



Merch by Amazon is now of my primary income sources and I wanted to start to take some time to show everyone a few things about the program to help you decide if it is something you would like to get started with.  First things first Merch by Amazon is an Print on Demand service that Amazon launched in November 2015, at inception the purpose was to help phone application developers by providing a low cost way of creating fun T-Shirts for their fans. The program is invite only and eventually a few Internet Marketers got into the program and quickly realized the potential of the program for more than just t-shirts for applications by letting solo entrepreneurs and designers upload unique designs to be sold on the Amazon platform. This was a game changer because you are able to just upload a unique design file and it can be sold to anyone in the U.S. (presumably in the future world-wide) as well as through the Amazon Prime Marketplace.

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To get started you need you need to head over to merch.amazon.com and register for a free account. This process can be a nerve wracking one for some now because there have been reports from others that this process can take anywhere from 2-4 months to be accepted into the program but I can assure you this is well worth the wait.


Once you are accepted there you are given a total of 25 slots to fill up with designs which would equal 25 unique T-shirts you can sell on Merch by Amazon. It then is a slow journey into creating quality designs that sell so you can slowly go through the tiers in the program.


Here is how the tier process works:

New Account = 25 Design’s Slots

25 Shirts Sold = 50 Design Slots

50 Shirts Sold = 100 Design Slots

100 Shirts Sold= 500 Design Slots

500 Shirts Sold = 1000 Design Slots

1000 Shirts Sold = 2000 Design Slots

2000 Shirts Sold = 4000 Design Slots

4000 Shirts Sold = 8000 Design Slots — My Account is Currently at this level

PRO REVIEWS for Additional Teir’s


Remember that selling T-shirts is a numbers game and the more you have up over time the greater your earning potential. Not all shirts sell however some shirts can turn out to be home runs! It took months for me to be at the level where I was able to realize the earning potential of Merch by Amazon and even when you have your first really good month you still have to wait until the following month to see the payout so patience really is a virtue when using this business model  but it will pay to be patient with Merch by Amazon every time.


If you are looking for what I use to create shirts daily for Merch by Amazon be sure to check my Resources Page here for more info

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