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Merch by Amazon: 3 Tips for Creating Designs that Sell


I have had a lot of people ask me about T-Shirt Design for Merch by Amazon since I started on the program and I remember when I first started learning the platform and learning how to design how intimidating getting onto one of these design software really was especially if you have little to no experience with any of the products. There are also so many question for a new seller with only 25 design slots to fill, you really get anxious when you have a design up and it is not selling. There are some ways to make you at least feel like you have done your due diligence and I will show you some of the best practices when it comes to selling on Merch by Amazon.


Merch by Amazon 3 Tips for Creating Designs that Sell:


  1. Niche Selection: This is number one for a reason, you need to be very honest with yourself and you keyword research when it comes to niche selections there are so many great niches out there that you can sell in and have thousands of sales a day but without paying to send traffic to them most likely it is going to be very hard for you to stand out from the other sellers that made it there before you.  Example you  create an upload a Funny Cat t-Shirt that is amazing, great now there are also 150,000 other cat shirts that show up in the results when you search it on Amazon. This is just too much competition to be noticed organically or you have to get super luck and get a sale from someone going through 100’s of pages of cat shirts on the site (chances are really damn slim of this). You would be much better of picking a niche like table professional tennis for example where there are only 100 shirts for sale where with the right keyword you may be able to end up on page one of the search results! Getting noticed in Amazon’s Search is KEY!
  2. Design Quality: This is another factor now this does not mean that it needs to be the most amazing graphic design ever done by an artist, I can assure you none of my designs are amazing they are all very simple and I try to connect with the buyer’s passion. Create something relatable that makes you niche buyer say this helps me express something, how i feel, personality, or something they are passionate about.
  3. Creating Something Original: Now this does not mean reinvent the wheel I find inspiration through others everyday in all sorts of ways. Steve Jobs once said “good artists copy, great artists steal” What he meant by that was not I’m going to take what you designed and sell it the see way, he meant that is a great idea i’m going to take that package it up in a different way than anyone else has seen and make it my own. Looking at Apple is a great example of this because their product is just like any other PC they just package it in their own unique way. Remember this example and you will always have fresh ideas flowing in!

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