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Merch by Amazon : Outsourcing Your Shirt Designs


If you are already part of Merch by Amazon or have the question where do I start or you have just been upgraded a tier up and you are looking to grow your portfolio of shirt designs quickly there are a couple of things you can do. If you have read The 4 Hour Work Week By Tim Ferriss you already know there are some things that will make you growth much easier and if you are trying to grow fast or are an inexperienced designer this can definitely be one of the options to go.


There are a few options I would recommend here when trying to outsource your designs for Merch by Amazon I have used them all and they all will give you different results and it is definitely a learning process when it comes to finding a designer that fits your bill.


Here are my personal recommendations for outsourcing you designs:




I like this site because it is great for introducing you to new designers and the interface is super simple to use. The designers are from all around the world and they are ranked by a rating system that allows you to choose a service based off of feedback and some designers work at a flat rate of $5.00 which is really hard to beat for a quality design. Fivver also has a very nice protection system and holds the money until the services rendered are complete by both parties and when you are satisfied with the order your funds will be released to the buyer. Simple as that.

I am currently offer a gig for simple typography designs for just $5.00 to help out people getting started, you can check it out here: https://www.fiverr.com/mjpeters87/deliver-original-merch-by-amazon-designs?arrived_from_manage_gigs=true&display_share=true



This site is similar to Fivver however it is definitely geared more towards creating long term business with freelancers from all over the world and you can really negotiate hourly rates for designs. Beware of some of the inexperienced sellers here and always make sure you same there work first before doing a long term or bulk deal. This site is not as user friendly and you have to post what you are looking for like an actual job description and be clear of you expectations, after doing this freelancers can then apply for the job and you negotiate price. It definitely is not as quick as Fivver but I can see the value if you find the right freelancer to work with and are willing to invest a few days testing different sellers.


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