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MileIQ Review: How to Save Hundreds on Your Taxes By Tracking Business Miles

You may have heard of Mile IQ and tracking mileage before but here is an question that I have heard around the reselling community and by some of the other re-sellers out there, “how do you write off mile’s  for business?”  When I first started my business I thought about how I would keep track of all of my miles, costs of repairs and receipts for my car in a way that if i do get audited I would still be able to show the proper documentation tax wise. I also knew that I needed to keep track of it because it would save me a ton of money come tax season. When I did some research I came across a few methods but then I came across MileIQ and never looked back. All I had to do was install the app and GO. You get 100 free drives a month and it tracks them automatically you don’t even need to open the app, all that was required was to go into the app once a month and classify you drives to business or personal and you can export them and send them right to your accountant.

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Here is a quick overview below but I highly recommend this when it comes time for taxes!

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