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Monthly Income Report – January 2017

Monthly Income Report – January 2017

Hello everyone!

These reports are becoming more and more important to me as it gives me a full day to reflect on how I am performing in different areas as I continue to grow and branch out online. I also get a chance to look at all the raw data. I also enjoy being able to share with all of you what is going on with business.

Man did January ROCK there are lot of things that factored into this month doing so well and it is really great to see my income streams seeing this kind of growth. The following months will not be near this amount for awhile but that is OK as I am expecting some fluctuations the next few months due to the retail cycle.

Merch by Amazon has had so many changes going on however anything like that I will keep on the youtube channel for my small updates. It is going strong and I have added about 200 new designs this month.

My New Udemy Course for Instagram Marketing Check out the course here was a great success this month, thank you to everyone that took the course and left a review I am sure you all had some great takeaways from that and hope you are using them everyday as I am seeing great results as I will start to show in the next few months!

Now lets sum up the month:

  1. Merch by Amazon – Really amazing month! I realize they are really buckling down on the program as there are so many changes and restrictions happening. Hopefully they are just being more careful and trying to put changes into place to better serve customers and content creators…only time will tell!
  2. Shopify Store –  I have opened a second store! The first store is doing amazing and I reached my first milestone of doing over $1000 in sales with less than $50 in Facebook ad spend!

    The second store is much broader and will be public when i get a few months in but I am super excited about it!

I have also integrated with Amazon and am starting to sell on all items with some of my merch designs on the back end of Shopify, if you are not yet subscribed to me on Youtube you will want to now as I will be doing a 20 part video series that will show you the whole process to get up and running.

  1. My Current Number which I will update from month to month are as follows:


Shopify STATS:

Facebook: 1729
Instagram: 7580
Email List: 268

  1. eBay -Put all items on 20% off promotion and saw some good sales, I also listed about 20 new Harris Tweed Jackets!
  2. Pinterest – has been a huge factor of getting noticed this I have been spending more time working on pins and writing new content for the blog and it is really paying off. You can read my Tops Tips on how to get more Pinterest followers and how I grew my account to over 6000 followers in 6 months here



eBay Gross Sales-  $1111.58

Shipping Income- $185.52

Merch by Amazon– $5936.31  — This is paid out for the previous month.

Redbubble Shirt Sales: $22.72

Adsense-  $75.64

Amazon Affiliates– $42.43

Bluehost Affiliates: $130.00

Udemy: $628.08  – Payout is always from 2 month prior

Returns-  -$85

Fiver-  $72.00 – Now Accepting Orders with Niche & Ideas

Shopify: $1430.86

Total=  $9555.14


Cost of Goods Purchased- $0     (Nothing Purchased in October!)

Advertising-   $385.51

Amazon Fees – $48.97

eBay Fees- $123.00

Shipping Costs-$191.39

Paypal Fees- $84.64

Office Supplies-$70.92  (See what I use for supplies here!)

Shopify Expenses (Fulfillment Fees): $1416.50


Net profit for the month of  January 2016 : $ 7234.21

Social Media Growth

The growth that I have being seeing across all social media accounts it simply amazing, it lets me know that the content I have been putting out there is helping others and that all of you want me to keep putting it out there and I really appreciate the support. Pinterest has been great for traffic and I know there are new people finding me everyday because of it and that is really awesome to hear there a people finding out about my YouTube channel from all of these different places.

Thank you so much to everyone who is following me !!!!!

Social Media Growth Update:

Email list: 362

Youtube:  3139

Facebook: 836

Pinterest: 10,148  This is growing so fast!! Read about how I am growing my Pinterest Account by 1000 followers per month here!

Twitter:  437

Instagram:  2051

Periscope: 432

Thank you for taking the time to read my journey and follow me along the way. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below or find me over on Facebook!