April 2, 2016 mjpeters1987@gmail.com

My vision for this site and My Journey of selling Online

Hello everyone as most of you know I have recently started a YouTube Channel —The Treasure Gnome On YouTube

Quick intro my name is Mike and I find clothing and other treasure at garage sales, thrift stores, and anywhere else I can scavenge. I am not the best writer and am hoping that through doing this blog I will slowly improve over time. I have been selling primarily on eBay since 2012 and have found my niche in clothing where I have learned through others and a lot of trial and error and research on what i really excel at buying and reselling to make some money. I have primary been building my inventory up the past year and am just stating to show some serious movement and made the decision that I wanted to write about it for a sort of record and way to track where i have been, what i have learned, as well as knowing that it could become a great resource fgor others on the same path.

This has been very exciting for me and I have really been enjoying the feedback I have received from everyone. I am also starting a small blog to record some extra thoughts and more personal insider information that will only be listed here, so if you are reading this you are in luck! I remember first getting into selling online and trying to make a little extra money on the side and how much information is out there that  really is very informative. The biggest issue was that it was not very organized or it was scattered over 30 videos and then you have to pay to get the good stuff.

I will slowly build a network of posts here which will give you tools and tip’s that I do not think you will see anywhere else as i have created these systems for my own use. I will also release income reports like another blogger who I have enjoyed following for a few years now over at The Smart Passive Income Blog, Thanks Pat! I have not personally seen any other eBay sellers doing this monthly and I think good or bad it will help to give others who are thinking of getting into this a REAL PERSPECTIVE of what it is like.

That is all for now, please stay tuned and follow on Facebook for new post updates!

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