I wanted to take some time after seeing others ask about what my setup is like and seeing all the questions brought up frequently on YouTube and Periscope some of the resources that I personally use and recommend that would be a good starting point for selling clothing and your thrift finds on eBay. I will continue you to add to this when need however there are certain items that are just everyday staples in the reselling business and I am sure you will find them useful.

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I have experience with all of these products, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

 merch by amazon udemy

Merch by Amazon – How to Research & Market T-Shirts

This Merch by Amazon course  will show you how to research & market shirts that will sell using  social media

If you are here you already know what a great opportunity Merch by Amazon is! I have created this course to help others learn how to effectively research and market shirt designs that will sell now and long into the future. In this course we will go over how to narrow down a profitable niche on Amazon. You will also learn how to effectively use social media to market your shirts, and drive traffic that will convert into a sales. If your are looking for a new way to get more sales and rank up your Merch by Amazon teir this course is for you!


I have had some readers ask how I created a website to share my journey. I currently am using Bluehost.com as my web host along with WordPress to create, and edit my site. It is very cheap to setup and you are able to get your domain for just 1.99 a month. Realistically if you have ever thought about starting a website for any reason I am telling you it took me awhile and there really is no reason to wait. It is such a small investment that if you would find any value in starting a website it is worth it in my opinion. I have had a great experience with Bluehost so far and the reason I personally chose them, is that you can host unlimited domains, emails, and bandwidth.

Shopify is where I host my both of my brands for clothing and it is super easy to setup and get rolling the best part is they now offer

integration with amazon so you can get extra traffic and sales on all of your products! Get a free 14-day trial here!



This simple app was the biggest reason for the huge growth I have seen with my social accounts and my Merch by Amazon Sales. It makes Pinterest a completely automated process so I can focus on other important things throughout the day.

You can try Tailwind for Free Here



Adobe Illustrator


I use Illustrator for all of my designs. It is a paid service however you are now able to pay monthly for this and they give you access to cloud storage where I save all of my designs and you have has access to every update as it is released so you will always have the most current technology. I refer this heavily over the over the other free programs like GIMP because I actually used them when i first started with Merch by Amazon and I am able to push out designs much neater and faster now than I was doing before.

Click here to Try Adobe Illustrator for Free


Mile IQ


You may have heard of Mile IQ and tracking mileage before but here is an question that I have heard around the reselling community and by some of the other re-sellers out there, “how do you write off mile’s  for business?”  When I first started my business I thought about how I would keep track of all of my miles, costs of repairs and receipts for my car in a way that if i do get audited I would still be able to show the proper documentation tax wise. I also knew that I needed to keep track of it because it would save me a ton of money come tax season. When I did some research I came across a few methods but then I came across MileIQ and never looked back. All I had to do was install the app and GO. You get 100 free drives a month and it tracks them automatically you don’t even need to open the app, all that was required was to go into the app once a month and classify you drives to business or personal and you can export them and send them right to your accountant.

Click here to Check out Mile IQ for Free!

Most Recommended Items for eBay

All of the images below will bring you to the product


I think the biggest improvement besides adding a mannequin to my eBay listings was getting the proper lighting setup. I noticed that in my early pictures the lighting just was never right or I would have to do weird thing light shoot in the sunlight or turn on the flash, both of these resulted in giving me a different result every time and i really wanted to create a similar look across all of my listings. So when i finally made the small investment and had this lighting kit shipped to my door not only did it make me feel more confident in my pictures and business but it also resulted in better actual pictures and more sales YAYYY!

This is the exact lighting setup I purchased. I have been using  it for over year now with now issues and am very happy with it 600 listings later!

Photography Backdrop


This Ella Bella Backdrop is what I use for my photography backdrop. I had to reasons that brought me to using this product over some of the other nicer and more professional white drops. The first reason was price, this should always be a factor when running a business and the price is sweet on this under $15. The second is ease of use and setup, it literally just shows up in a huge roll it is paper but thick enough to be hung without having to worry about damaging it badly. I was able to cut this into a six foot strip and tape it at the edges and it works  just fine fine! I have examples here!



I currently use this as it can smoothly run all of the operations I carry out for my eBay business separately from my phone. Now I use an iPhone for my daily phone and personal apps but I think this phone is highly superior for task like taking amazing pictures quickly and being able to sync, view, upload videos in 1080 p and anything else you are trying to accomplish.

The 3 biggest reasons I love using this phone for taking pictures for eBay:

  1. It takes wonderful 13 MP photographs very easily with features like auto focus and auto stabilize and light adjustments to capture the best image with your lighting conditions.
  2. It is easily syncable to Google Photos and Google Drive so that I can access my photographs anywhere which gives me more freedom with my business and allows me to create my listings anywhere on a laptop or phone.
  3. I can create social media posts while I am listing quick and easily because I have all of my social media accounts linked to the phone via WiFi.


As I have talked about in my photography setup post, using a mannequin is one of the big things that will help to set you apart from the masses when selling clothing on eBay. It allows the customer to have a feel for what the article would actually look like if it was on a real person.

Here are the two types  that I would personally recommend to work well for your eBay listings:

Basic Wall Hanging Mannequin

Standing Dress Form Mannequin

Recommended Shipping Supplies

For mailing shirts under 160z I use these 10×13 polybag mailers that are great and easy to store and place a shirt in. You can fit large shirts in here and they hold up very well I have never had an issue with these breaking or a customer complaint and I don’t need any additional  tape on them as the self seal holds very well and ship for under $4.00. For clothing items over 16oz I use the padded priority mailer which USPS will ship to your door along with some other boxes free of charge, this is a great resource to have available to you and they ship at a flat rate anywhere in the US for $6.00! If you are not shipping your clothes that way more than 16oz in these i highly suggest you start. I have never had a complaint of sending a blazer to a customer stuffed into one of these and I believe the reason is they get them cleaned upon arrival regardless with the rest of their dry cleaning.

Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope

For  tape I just use tried and true Scotch tape as it is priced fair and Amazon ships it right to my doorstep so I don’t really have to do more than click the ship to me button when i’m down to my last roll. I also use this Uline tape dispenser when shipping as it helps speed the process up when i have to tape anything and also makes it possible to do the task with one hand which is sometime a huge hassle & time saver.

For labels I get them by the in a 200 count also from Amazon.com and they are shipped right to my door when I start to run low. This is the best price I have found and I use these daily when shipping any item. I am very happy with the quality as they stick and hold the ink well and I have not had any shipping mishaps as of yet with them.