Road Trip Thrifting Day #2 & 3 – May 2016

Hello Everyone!

So I had a great trip visiting my friend Joe in Virginia and not only did I get to spend some time with a friend but I was also able to finds literally hundreds of profitable items on the way. This was a awesome adventure and learning experience for me, it showed me that there is plenty of options for me to travel and find items to sell online and also that i can only fit so many items in my car before I am unable to drive safely. I came to a realization on day 2 where I could have done more and even stopped at literally 15 more thrift stores on the return trip however it would have made my trip extremely hard to see as the space in my vehicle was jam packed. Overall it was a great trip and I now have tons of items to list that should last me though the rest of the month and some of next month before I even need to source again. This may be something I can do to source long term is go for 3-4 day trips where I just visit other areas and scavenge and also get to see cool stuff. Next time I will hopefully have my inventory built up enough that I can enjoy more personal time and explore these areas more.


My totals for the day:

Total items Purchased=154


Cost Per Item=$7.31

Totals for the trip:

Total items Purchased=189


Cost Per Item=$6.51


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