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What is the cheapest way to ship clothing on eBay?

What isthe cheapest way to ship clothing on ebay

What is the cheapest way to ship clothing on eBay? I wanted to answer a question I have been asked fairly often from others just getting into selling clothing on eBay and Etsy is when I sell the item what is the cheapest was to ship it? This question really does excite me because I remember asking that question myself, and I also remember how much work it seemed like it would be getting all of the shipping supplies together to run start selling clothing online. If you found this post I hope that you were lucky enough to not have to go through all of the videos and searching that I did to find a good method of doing this. One of the main reasons that I really enjoy and prefer selling clothing on eBay is the ease of storage and shipping. The method that I use allows me to photograph the item place it in a poly-mailer or mailer and place it in a tote until it is ready to be shipped. This makes it much easier and less time intensive on the way out which in the end makes it easier for me to operate my business, essentially you are putting in more work up front and when the item needs to be shipped the only thing left to do is slap a shipping label on it and go. Enough of me talking on here is what I use to cheaply ship out all of my clothing labeled by type.

Cheapest way to ship a shirt —  Max weight = 16 ounces 

what is the cheapest way to ship clothing

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The cheapest way to ship a shirt on eBay is to use a poly mailer  and ship first class. You can fit just about any shirt in one of these and they are very cheap to obtain. You can ship up to 16 ounces in weight in one of these bad boys in 2016 and it will cost you less than $4.00!  The great thing about getting these is they will ship right to your door through Amazon so you don’t have to run around to get them and if you see you are running low you can just place an order instead of having to carry a large stock.

Cheapest way to ship a Blazer, Suit, Coat, or Jeans — Anything over 160z in weight

Now this is where it gets really nice. Anything over 16 ounces that you can stuff in one of these padded flat rate envelopes will ship for a flat rate of $6.10  anywhere in the United States! I use the for all the time and the customers love them … do not be afraid to stuff blazers in these, the customers DO NOT CARE they take them to be dry cleaned when they receive the anyway and they will be wrinkled anyway you ship them. I have personally shipped over 400 blazers in these today and have not had a single complaint. Quick shipping tip if you are stuffing them make sure to use shipping tape over the self stick end so that it stays closed in transit.


Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope

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